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Hello everyone my name is Ryan McKinney and welcome to my website, I first moved to Colorado in December of 1998 and have been serving Colorado Homeowners and Homebuyers ever since. I am an MLO for Colorado Lending Group based in Boulder, Colorado and I service the entire state of Colorado. I have been in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industries for over 25 years assisting families throughout Colorado and the country by providing them mortgage and home solutions. That experience allows me to understand mortgage solutions for every one of your wants and needs and how to provide the best product for you and your family to achieve your goals. We are a full-service wholesale mortgage broker and have over 40 lenders who we work with ensuring you the best loan programs, the best products with the LOWEST RATES while providing the service you expect and deserve!


What is a wholesale mortgage broker?

The difference between a wholesale mortgage broker and a retail lender is quite like the contrast between other wholesale and retail businesses: Retailers sell goods straight to individual customers, while wholesalers sell bulk goods to larger entities, such as store owners. In a traditional retail loan, when a homebuyer seeks to arrange for a loan to pay their mortgage, they deal directly with the financial institution that makes the loan, whether it’s a bank, credit union, or another type of lender. The customers themselves handle all contact and negotiations first-hand (or very close to it) with the lenders.

Wholesale mortgage companies work differently. Instead of dealing with individual borrowers (homeowners), they deal with the lending companies. A wholesale mortgage broker works as a third-party intermediary between borrowers and lenders.

A wholesale home loan broker searches for a bank, credit union, or other financial institution that offers the best or most appropriate terms for the borrower. When the agreement is struck, the wholesale lending company is responsible for setting the terms for the loan that the lenders must match.

As the brokering agent, the wholesale lender is the main point of contact between the borrower and financial institution providing the loan. The wholesale mortgage company’s name is on all the documents, and it handles all the administrative functions related to the loan throughout its existence.

The wholesale broker and/or lender funds the upfront loan themselves. Shortly after the real estate deal closes—usually within a month or two—the wholesale lender usually resells the loan in the secondary mortgage market. This is how they generate capital so they can continue to make loans; it also helps to mitigate associated risks.


Why would a homebuyer use a wholesale home loan mortgage broker?

Shopping for a mortgage is demanding work for a homebuyer to take on themselves. They would have to come up with a list of potential lenders, compare all their criteria, and conduct all the necessary negotiations themselves. Furthermore, a prospective homeowner probably doesn’t have complete information about the number of different financial institutions or mortgage options they may be able to take advantage of.

A wholesale home loan mortgage broker takes care of all those responsibilities. They have access to a large database of prospective lenders and are fully informed about the mortgage options that may be available to you. Wholesale brokers look for lenders who offer the most favorable interest rates and terms for your mortgage and handle all the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the loan. They’re better able to come up with creative borrowing solutions that fit your specific needs as a homebuyer.


Benefits of using a wholesale home loan broker

Homebuyers using wholesale mortgage brokers gain a lot of advantages over those who use retail mortgage solutions:

  1. Access to more options and creative solutions. Wholesale brokers have the depth of experience to find unique loan arrangements for every prospective buyer, especially those who may have special needs or requirements they can’t get from a retail lender.
  2. Lower interest rates. In many cases, using a wholesale mortgage broker can result in more favorable conditions for loan repayment, including cheaper interest rates.
  3. Looser lending requirements. Wholesale brokers can line up loans for all sorts of homebuyers, especially those whose financial or credit histories might not be sufficient for retail lenders.
  4. Lower risk. Since wholesale mortgage brokers sell their loans to the secondary market at a slight profit, it represents a less risky option for the homebuyer.
  5. More personal focus and service. With a wholesale broker, you deal with a single point of contact that gives you more unique attention, working with you more personally than a large lender would.

We offer the following loans for purchases: 

FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, First Time Home buyer, Non-Qm, Bad Credit Ok, 100% LTV, Farm & Ranch, Manufactured and Modular Home Loans both Singlewides and Multi-Section, Credit Scores down to 500 FICO, Down Payment Assistance Loans, self-employed bank statement loans, Investment and 2nd homes, condos, and many other programs exist so please don't hesitate to ask regardless of your situation. Even if you have been turned down before does not mean you cannot purchase a home! Don't give up.

  • Refinancing? Bad Credit? We go down to credit scores of 500 FICO's.
  • Don't have Money? That's ok too! We have Down Payment Assistance Programs and We do 100% LTV financing!
  • Manufactured or Modular Home?  We do Those Too! Single-wides and Multi-Section homes!
  • Ranch, Agricultural or Hobby Farm? Absolutely!


What to expect from Loans By Ryan as your mortgage broker company

Ryan McKinney has over 25 years of direct experience as a mortgage broker in Colorado Springs, helping Colorado owners finance their homes. Colorado Lending Group works with more than 40 lenders to devise a creative and effective mortgage strategy for each borrower. Ryan assists homebuyers through the steps and stages of every kind of home loan arrangement—whether it’s purchasing, refinancing, reverse mortgage, or other options that may be on the table.

Colorado Lending Group focuses on our borrowers. We provide all the information and administrative support they need to make the right decisions for their home loans. Our wholesale mortgage customers enjoy total transparency, timely service, thorough administration, and ongoing guidance throughout the term of their loan. Ryan’s understanding of local homeowners’ needs is what distinguishes Colorado Lending Group as a highly reputable mortgage company in Colorado Springs.

Why choose Colorado Lending Group as your wholesale mortgage broker

Colorado Lending Group’s home mortgage company is a statewide network of knowledgeable, locally-based loan officers who serve the communities where they live. Our representatives have access to every wholesale lender in the area and are always happy to find new wholesale lenders to do business with.

We educate home buyers on all of their options and alternatives with wholesale mortgages and are experts at finding solutions for borrowers in unique or tricky situations. Colorado Lending Group associates like Loans By Ryan assist residents in obtaining and keeping the homes they want and deserve.


Our Refinance Options include but not limited to the following:

FHA, FHA Streamline, FHA Cash Out, FHA 203k, VA Streamline, VA 100% Cashout Refi's, Bad Credit Ok, Bankruptcies Ok, Foreclosures Ok, Self Employed Bank Statement Programs, USDA, Manufactured and Modular Homes Single Wides and Multi-Section OK!


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