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When purchasing real estate, it’s important to find a mortgage broker you can trust to secure the best possible lending terms, so you can get the home of your dreams at a price you can afford.  Ryan McKinney has earned the trust of Colorado home buyers with over 25 years helping all kinds of clients find the perfect property and the right lending for their particular needs.

When you choose Loans by Ryan as your Colorado Springs mortgage broker/home loan broker, you’ll gain the benefits that come with extensive experience, including the ability to tap into a vast network of wholesale lenders.  This means you’ll have plenty of options, including specialized alternatives that retail lenders simply don’t have access to.

In addition, you’ll gain assistance with a wide variety of loan types.  New mortgages, refinancing, reverse mortgages, and more are all on the table.  Because every home buyer’s situation is unique, Loans by Ryan is pleased to facilitate financing for everything from conventional loans for first-time home buyers, to loans for manufactured and modular homes, to FHA, VA, USDA, and so many other loan types.

All you have to do is ask – you might be surprised to learn that the loan you seek is an option when you partner with Loans by Ryan.  You’ll also be happy to find that you’re working with a centrally located home loan broker in Colorado Springs, with first-hand knowledge of the real estate industry where you’re looking to buy.

Even better, Loans by Ryan prizes core values of honesty, integrity, competence, and professionalism.  Ryan is committed to learning in order to best serve every client, and with Loans by Ryan, you’ll always receive the advice and education you need to make informed decisions about this important purchase.

Home Loans Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Loans by Ryan, we understand that not every buyer has typical needs.  While we’re happy to offer conventional loans like fixed rate, adjustable rate, and hybrid mortgages, we also have the connections and expertise to provide a range of loan types and features traditional retail lenders can’t or won’t.  Loans by Ryan is the wholesale mortgage broker in Colorado Springs that offers opportunities to both typical and non-typical buyers.

Our loan programs include:

  • Conventional Loans

  • FHA Loans

  • VA Loans

  • USDA (farm and ranch) Loans

  • Interest Only Mortgages

  • Balloon Mortgages

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Graduated Payment Mortgages


We offer non-qualified mortgage (Non-QM) loans, 100% LTV loans, and loans for buyers with bad credit (FICO score as low as 500).  We provide down payment assistance loans, and we help buyers to finance second homes and investment properties.

Your circumstances are unique, and you need a home loan mortgage broker in Colorado Springs that can offer loans with different features, payment schedules, repayment periods, interest rates, down payment options, and more to perfectly meet your particular needs.  Loans by Ryan taps into a network of unconventional lenders only available to a wholesale mortgage company in Colorado Springs.   When other lenders fall short, Loans by Ryan delivers the creative strategies that put you on the path to owning property, even if your situation isn’t typical.

Reliable Wholesale Mortgage Broker in ColoradoSprings

When the average home buyer seeks a loan, there are few options and rigid criteria.  This can make it difficult and even impossible for some borrowers to secure needed financing.  You won’t have this problem when you partner with Loans by Ryan as your trusted home loan broker in Colorado Springs.

Not only will you enjoy the advantages of over 25 years of industry experience, but Loans by Ryan offers access to dozens of wholesale lenders, with the option to sign up for any wholesale lender not currently listed as a partner, in order to secure the ideal lending for your specialized circumstances.  If traditional lenders have left you frustrated and angry, you need more options than these retail lenders can offer.

Loans by Ryan opens the door to a vast array of unique loan programs that deliver the options and rates you’re looking for.   Even if you don’t see the type of loan you need, it never hurts to check with us – you might be surprised to discover that we have the perfect options for your situation, or that we can come up with creative solutions that help you reach your end goals.

We also help you to find the best deals, thanks to considerable knowledge and experience that we leverage to negotiate on your behalf.  Instead of suffering with retail lenders that can never really meet your needs, opt for the flexible options, personalized service, and complete transparency offered by Loans by Ryan.  Making your real estate dreams a reality is what we do best.


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